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Ménage - "Bury Us Young"

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Ménage - "Bury Us Young"

More about the band...

This video, starring Lola and Michael, was shot in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles. The song was inspired by living in Echo Park, and is actually mentioned within the lyrics, so it only seemed natural to film it there.

"We wanted the characters to be played by children because the song is about our life in LA, away from our parents, in a town so very foreign from absolutely everything we grew up knowing. In the midst of all the madness and the lifestyle that possessed who we once were, and doing things that people back home were claiming would indeed wind up 'burying us young'. We did, ultimately, feel like children being set free into an urban jungle. The characters reflect us.

The window we peer through, shows us some of the things they get involved in; devious, sometimes dangerous, all in efforts to feel free, self sufficient, and hungry to survive. The sweet ending is the summary of it all, and the summary of us three. It shows that through all their erratic, delinquent behavior, their innocence is not lost. This is seen in the shy kiss at the end.

The characters of the kids are alive and coming into their own, as lost as they are, they are sincere and gritty, breaking all rules and past molds. The same is reflected in the live performance footage in the video. We are very much in love with raw energy in this video and think it embodies who we are as a band, and what we have lived through as individuals. This is Ménage unapologetically presenting ourselves to the world."

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